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Dr. Priti

I decided to give the exam a bit later and was not able to book any course. But I was lucky enough to get a place in Dr. Yasmin’s classes right on time. She is a very supporting and patient teacher.

I followed her guidance and I am really glad and proud of my decision. Classes started in time and they were very helpful in my journey to clear MRCOG Part 3.

When you keep on listening to your mistakes, again and again, the more you learn. Thank you so much, Dr. Yasmin, for your great help and support.

Dr. Indira Vijayakrishnan

I recommend SuccessMrcog full course to everyone appearing for the Part3 Mrcog exam. I sincerely thank Dr. Yasmin for helping me pass in my first attempt. Initially, I had no idea how to go about it in such limited time but she guided many of us perfectly. Unlike other courses, they practiced common stations with us in multiple groups of very few candidates, so I can honestly say that we all got individual attention and each of us was corrected about our errors in an individualized way. They even adjusted the timings of sessions to our convenience. I found the everyday practice with frank feedback very useful. She was always available for help at any odd hours.

Dr. Sandhya K Prathapan

At SuccessMRCOG you will receive genuine feedback without any hesitation. I highly recommend SuccessMRCOG’s MRCOG Part 3 Course which in my opinion is the first step in the right direction to clear the MRCOG Part 3 exam successfully.

The sessions held were short and crisp which helped me understand all the domains confidently. All the modules were explained separately with a variety of case studies. I am very grateful to have undergone this wonderful course under the mentorship of Dr. Yasmin.

Dr. Smriti

Much gratitude to Dr. Yasmin for my success at MRCOG exams.

Clueless to begin with, they guided me throughout this journey which has finally been fruitful.

Thanks a lot. I recommend SuccessMRCOG to every MRCOG aspirant

Dr. Tanuka

I was quite stressed before I joined the course. But after starting the sessions at SuccessMRCOG, I felt pretty confident as Dr. Yasmin gave a complete structure of all stations which is the crux of part 3 exam. She was very soft-spoken and all the sessions were very informative and enjoyable .
Thank u Yasmin.


Dr. Reshma Sharmin

I am very thankful to Dr. Yasmin and her wonderfully crafted course. Your feedback has been very beneficial in helping me clear the exam. SuccessMRCOG is the best online training platform for MRCOG. I would recommend all the MRCOG aspirants to take this online course for successful results.

Dr. Nesrin

I had no clear perception of MRCOG Part 3 but Dr. Yasmin provided me with valuable advice and feedback and guided me in the right direction. I really appreciate her dedication and passion for helping her students perform up to their true potential.  The quality of guidance I received at SuccessMRCOG exceeded my expectations! I liked the way she explained each station to me. She encouraged us to put in our best efforts in the classes which she conducted. I recommend this program to anybody who is preparing for MRCOG Part 3

Dr. Nousheen

I would recommend this course for all those preparing for part 3 as they discuss a lot of recalls and recalls play a very important role. Dr. Yasmin is very good at explaining and she understands the issues of overseas candidates as she herself has undergone this exam. Dr. Yasmin many a time helped me in the preparation even after the course was over and I am indebted to her. I suggest all to make flash cards for key points for most repeated topics as it helped me a lot in achieving a score of score 83 percent.


Dr. Gayathri Kamath

For a non-UK candidate like me, the classes were designed very clearly as to what are the areas we need to work.

The online class which encompassed every module was very structured and focussed. The critical feedback Dr. Yasmin gave after every class was an instigation to perform better. I wish Successmrcog helps many more candidates to achieve their goal. Thanking my mentor Dr. Yasmin once again and God bless you.

Dr. Avani Pillai

Dr. Yasmin helped us cover all modules in detail with a focus on communication skills and patient safety which is vital for overseas candidates. She also helped me to get oriented to the new exam system, understand the examiner’s expectations by getting a chance to give feedback to others and develop confidence by practicing cases and getting individual feedback. A very well organized programme for MRCOG part 3 preparation. Very good selection of tough and most expected cases.

The highlight of the course was a chance to present 1-2 cases during each session.

Dr. Veena Braganza

Was blessed to know Dr. Yasmin. We had a brief encounter but she is truly a genuine person. Always ready to help and even share materials so generously. I am grateful that it was she who approached me and encouraged me to give the exam and volunteered to help in every possible way. She provided me with contacts of various persons you knew that could be of benefit for me. Thanks for the elaborate course. It was indeed a very great effort from her side with such a detailed preparation for all the students. The best part of the course was her dedication in inviting as many questions from the students followed with detailed clarifications and feedback.


Dr. Supraja Movva

If you are looking for good mentors for cracking the MRCOG Part 3 exam without no doubt my only and the top suggestion would be Dr. Yasmin. My journey with Dr. Yasmin and SuccessMRCOG has been quite a long and exciting one. I came to know about SucccessMRCOG after my first premature attempt at Part 3. Dr. Yasmin has helped me strengthen all my weak areas. Whenever I miss a class or forget to attend classes, she has always been helpful in updating me about the progress of the classes.

SuccessMRCOG has a tremendous contribution in helping clear my MRCOG Part 3 exam

Dr. Sathi Murray

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Yasmin. Her guidance and support she offered while preparing for MRCOG Part 3 exam were extremely valuable and top-notch. She surely has played a significant role in my ‘success in MRCOG’ and I would recommend SuccessMRCOG to everyone looking to clear MRCOG with flying colors

Dr. Anusuya

Thanks a lot, Dr. Yasmin for your wonderful guidance. You were an excellent teacher and really good at helping us guide through the course. May God bless you for helping me out in times of need.

Thanks again for this wonderful course structure that has helped me clear the exam.

Dr. Priyatha Anand

Thanks to Dr. Yasmin.

Without you, it would have been very difficult to clear the exam. When I joined the course I had totally no idea what this was all about.

But Dr. Yasmin really put a lot of effort and guided me very patiently to clear MRCOG Part 3


Dr. Gayathri Chillakuru


Dr.Yasmin, thank you for being a part of my success. The online classes helped me to start off my preparation. Constant encouragement from your side helped me a lot. Your feedback was very constructive. Overall I can say it was a good decision choosing SuccessMRCOG course as it covered different scenarios including the difficult ones. You fine-tuned our performance.  Thanks a lot.

Dr. Geetu Raj

MBBS, MRCPI MRCOG, MICOG, DOWH | NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, Abu Dhabi

Dr. Yasmin’s classes helped me to sail smoothly to get this prestigious degree of MRCOG. We all have the required knowledge but the classes teach us to correctly apply and to fine tune that in the critical 3 hours. Thanks a lot, SuccessMRCOG.

Dr. Manisha Rasheed

I am very thankful to SuccessMRCOG for helping me clear the exam with flying colours. Enrolling with them was one of the wisest decisions that I made while preparing for MRCOG Part 3. Dr. Yasmin’s feedbacks helped me identify the areas where I needed to put in more effort. I thank her for her guidance, support & encouragement without which it wouldn’t have been possible for me to clear part 3 in my first attempt. She ensured that all vital stations are covered by ensuring that at least one station is covered in a class.

Dr. Kavitha Nagarajan

SuccessMRCOG has been a precious and memorable learning experience for me. I have learned so much from all of Dr. Yasmin’s constructive input and guidance throughout each session of the course. It used to be like a mock circuit every time. SucccessMRCOG has helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and what areas of my answering questions I need to pay attention to. Thank you for reshaping me and preparing me for the worst. Thank you for making this course so enjoyable and at the same time more fruitful. I would recommend everyone who is preparing for Part3 MRCOG to join with here.

Dr. Devi

Hi, I am from India and I cleared my part 3 MRCOG on September 2018 with 86%.
I took Dr. Yasmin’s online course before my exam. She took me through each and every module in an elaborate way including the domains. She provided me with all the necessary materials. She made me do stations individually and gave feedback which was quite useful. She encouraged me to prepare stations on my own and practice it. All of this helped me clear this exam. She is very encouraging and motivating and is always available when we need help. I personally felt her course very useful and would strongly recommend for part 3 preparation. Thank you SuccessMRCOG for the tremendous help and guidance.

Dr Bhawana Upendra

I must thank SuccessMRCOG for helping me clear MRCOG. Dr. Yasmin conducted the sessions with great patience. She was a very friendly & dependable mentor. She would encourage each one of us at the end of our stations to pick up the good points & to self- analyze & then pick up the bad points. We had to be very alert throughout all the stations as she would ask each one of us about how the station went, about the good and the bad points and essentially the Patient Safety points which us, the overseas candidates miss!! An amazing teacher with a comforting voice, I owe it all to her. The intricacies of performing the stations were taught to us! The quintessential study techniques and practice strategies were made aware to us. Even in scenarios where one has absolutely no clue, a lot of marks can be gained by sheer communication and keeping calm. 

Dr. Amita

Thank you Dr. Yasmin. I believe that your constant encouragement at every step made my MRCOG dream come true. In addition to thanking you, I will like to share my preparation pattern and the substantial role you played in taking me through the modules. I feel that many more will benefit if I share this on your portal.

a) I had no study partner-  I practiced all the cases with Dr. Yasmin and she never made me feel that I was lagging behind. Dr. Yasmin’s approach is that “you have a limited amount of time and resources- MAKE BEST USE OF IT”. I felt very relaxed as she was always encouraging and that helped me build my confidence day by day.
b) I was working full time and had very limited time to study- I practiced with Dr Yasmin and made notes post the session. She is so thorough that once I had practiced a case, I knew its variations and different clinical pearls associated with it by heart. I took 6 weeks off and but managed to study for only 4 out of the 6 weeks. I had three registers of my detailed notes with Dr. Yasmin to revise which made it so easy
c) I had almost no knowledge of clinical governance issues and their clinical application. Dr. Yasmin’s amazing practice questions were diverse, specific to RCOG requirements, and structured with a beautiful flow to them. I learned everything with her and she gave me some mnemonics and tips to excel in the exams
d) I was not confident in some modules- I practiced all the modules and multiple cases with Dr. Yasmin. There were so many variants to them that by the time I flew for the exam I was very confident of my familiarity with the curriculum. The sessions were between 60 -120 minutes. She was flexible to accommodate my time needs.
e) Feedback- Dr. Yasmin has the “best feedback” approach. It is clear, specific, critical, and positive. She pointed out my time management errors, lengthy questions, and improved my clinical interviewing techniques tremendously.
f) Resources- Dr. Yasmin guided me to read specific resources for different clinical scenarios including patient info leaflets etc and I improved my jargon-free speech thanks to those resources.
g) Last day prep- what to wear, what to do on the days before the exam, what not to do before the exam, what to eat, when to sleep- I had a checklist from Dr. Yasmin where she actually explained how important last few days are- in terms of keeping cool and being focussed.
h) Power sentences- There are some excellent communication phrases which Dr. Yasmin highlighted during obstetric and gynaecology case discussions and I feel they were so important in fetching marks and winning the role players to my side.
I will highly recommend all overseas trained gynaecologists who are going for part 3 to enroll with Dr. Yasmin and keep practicing with her till the final days. Interestingly, I found you on google – but I think you are a godsend who held my hand through the ups and downs of my preparation journey.
Thank you so much, Dr. Yasmin
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