Tutor Profiles

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Dr Yasmin Imdad – MRCOG, MRCPI , MICOG, Fellowship (MAS) , Fellowship (IVF), DNB, DGO, MBBS .

Dr. Yasmin Imdad has the honor of being a member of both the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of the UK (MRCOG) and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (MRCPI). She holds a post-graduate degree, DNB in O&G from Diplomat National Board of India and a Post Graduate Diploma (DGO) in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the prestigious Guwahati Medical College. She is a Graduate (MBBS) of the Guwahati Medical College. She acquired her fellowships in MAS (Minimal Access Surgery) from the World Laparoscopy Hospital and in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) from International Association of Assisted Reproductive Technology, India.

She is a distinguished Obstetrics and Gynecology consultant in Bangalore, India. Her special interests are laparoscopic surgery, infertility, and management of high-risk pregnancies. She also served as a gynaecologist for five years in the Ministry of Health, Brunei Darussalam, which follows the UK standards and procedures, in their high-risk pregnancy center.

Dr. Yasmin is passionate about mentoring and teaching O&G doctors for their success in the MRCOG. She has helped many students taking theMRCOG examination by guiding and counseling them with the right study methodologies, especially for the Part II and Part III Exams. Her experience helps her to assess her students and identify areas where improvement is needed, thus, assisting them to achieve their goals of getting their desired certifications from MRCOG. Her style of mentoring is simple, thorough and especially designed for non-UK based candidates.

Dr. Yasmin has delivered many lectures and conducted international workshops among the O&G doctors from the Indian subcontinent to craft their success in MRCOG Part-II and III. She is enterprising and strongly believes in technology, innovation and media platforms through which high-grade training courses canbe delivered effectively.

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Dr. Viswanathan Geetha, MD.DCP.PGMED.PGdPM.

Dr Geetha is one among the successful Indian origin doctors and has been practicing in the UK for the last 20 years. She comes with an enviable credentials of teaching in both Universities of St. Andrews and University of Keele.

She has broad academic and clinical experience across India and the UK. Before moving to United Kingdom, she did her Graduation and Post-Graduation in Medicine from Madras University. After moving to UK, she earned a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Pathology and then completed her MRC Pathology in 2006.

Whilst teaching several cohorts of undergraduate and postgraduate medical students at the University of Keele, she earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Education. She has continued her pursuit in academics by teaching at the University of St Andrews for two years following her move to Scotland. She has led a variety of teaching sessions, ranging from clinical skills to internal medicine, clinical governance and have complemented this by completing the national advanced communication skills training course. As a palliative and oncology clinician, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine from Cardiff University, she has valuable first-hand experience of the communication skills required to provide safe and effective care in a clinical environment. Working in NHS Lothian has helped her to develop strong leadership and team-working skills whilst ensuring effective communication between healthcare professionals, patients and families.

It has always been her passion to teach communication skills and clinical governance to healthcare professionals. She considers effective communication is vital for delivering holistic patient care, patient safety and can empower patients to better understand their own health.